Speaking Engagement: Pocket MBA 2020 – Finance for Lawyers and Other Professionals

Global Econ expert Scott Walster joined the Pocket MBA 2-day webinar hosted by the Practicing Law Institute to discuss the use of economic models and concepts in litigation. Mr. Walster presented on:

  • Common concepts in economics used in litigation
  • How economics can be relevant to certain disputes
  • How expert witnesses analyze and evaluate economic data to make their case
  • Estimating commercial damages using economic tools and quantitative techniques

About the Pocket MBA:

Pocket MBA is a hallmark program for attorneys whose careers have brought them into representing clients in the financial industry, but their background training lacked accounting principles and financial concepts. This program is designed to improve your understanding of business strategies, accounting fundamentals and vocabulary used by management, investors, auditors and bankers.

Hear directly from an experienced and diverse group of professionals from elite accounting firms and law firms, private equity investors, bankers, consultants and academics. Practical advice and application of information to actual situations and financial reports provide participants with opportunities to immediately implement growth and broaden capabilities.

Details on the event are available here.


Global Economics Group brings together world-class thought leaders, highly experienced experts who have presented before courts and regulatory bodies worldwide, ex-industry executives with deep practical experience and a multi-disciplinary staff including econometricians and finance economists.

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